Data Collection & Privacy Policy

SLCO Community Resources Limited (hereinafter "SLCO-CR") attaches great importance to users' privacy and has strict regulations on data protection. Below are the details of the privacy policy.

SLCO-CR undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data obtained are accurate and securely kept. To safeguard interest of our data subject, SLCO-CR collects personal data from you for the purposes of administration, receipt issuing and other promotion activities (as defined below). SLCO-CR may use the personal data you provided (including your name and contact details) for the purposes of providing you with information of SLCO-CR, donation follow up, communications & promotion activities. Your personal data may be provided to third party service provider who provides data handling for administration and marketing purposes. However, we will not use your personal data for marketing purpose unless we have received your consent. Upon your request at any time and at no charge, we will cease to use your personal data for promotion purposes. Please contact us at 2385 2577 for enquiry or any updating of your personal data.

SLCO-CR is entitled to use the personal information provided by users for statistical and analytical purposes, and is entitled to access to the analytical results. The ownership of the analytical results belongs to SLCO-CR, and SLCO-CR reserves the right to announce, use, and publish the results without displaying any identifiable information of users.