Privacy Policy

SLCO Community Resources Limited (hereinafter "the Organization") attaches great importance to users' privacy and has strict regulations on data protection. Below are the details of the privacy policy.

Users are guaranteed that their privacy are respected and protected when they are accessing the website and using the mobile application "Learn with Sign and Speech" ("LS2"). The Organization may not modify or publicize a user's personal information without the consent of the user. In general, without the user's prior permission or previous notification of users, the Organization may not sell, exchange, or disclose any of the information provided by the users to a third party.

Users' information may not be utilized unless:

The Organization is entitled to use the personal information provided by users for statistical and analytical purposes, and is entitled to access to the analytical results. The ownership of the analytical results belongs to the Organization, and the Organization reserves the right to announce, use, and publish the results without displaying any identifiable information of users.