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【Donation】 - Sino Group x Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation

Our sincere gratitude to Sino Group x Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation for their generous support. We will continue serving the Deaf, promoting sign bilingualism and social inclusion to create a diversified community without communication barrier despite the pandemic.

【Hok Yau Club】 - 手語傳譯—走進聾人的世界

Thank you for Hok Yau Club interviewing our staff members responsible for sign interpretation. They introduced the job duties of sign interpreters and shared how they entered into this profession during the interview.


Rotary Giving Masks to Maintain Health & Peace to Students

Thank you Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK for donating and delivering medical masks to our office. Our teachers and trainers will distribute the masks to students or their family members during the class.

【Caring For Children Foundation】- Thank you for the donation of

Thank you for Caring For Children Foundation to donate and deliver the "lip-reading friendly" and medical masks to our office. The donation supports our educational and training services for the Deaf kids and facilitates a more effective communication in the services.

【Ming Pao】 - 無定向學堂:殘疾人士 抗疫指南

Do you know what affects the Deaf the most during the pandemic? Our Deaf Instructor Kate Cheung has been interviewed by Ming Pao Supplement to share with us the difficulties that the Deaf have been facing in the pandemic.

《無定向學堂:殘疾人士 抗疫指南》