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SLCO Community Resources Limited (SLCO-CR) was established in 2016 with the support of the Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of The Chinese University of Hong Kong as an independent non-profit charitable organization to provide self-sustainable community services and social ventures based on linguistics research, empirical evidence and experience in frontline services. The vision of SLCO-CR is to promote sign bilingualism in communication, education and social inclusion; to create a diversified community without communication barrier.

The flagship project of SLCO-CR is the "Fun with Sign and Speech – Early Sign Bilingual Development Programme", Hong Kong's only early intervention programme for deaf, hearing and special education needs children using both signed and spoken language as medium of instruction.

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【Donation】 - The sign interpretation service fee in Applied Learning for D/HH students supported by Li Ching Deaf-and-Hearing Inclusion Fund

We are grateful that Li Ching Deaf-and-Hearing Inclusion Fund has been partially or fully supporting the sign interpretation service fee in Applied Learning for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (hereafter D/HH) secondary students of SLCO Programme whose family has economic constraints from 2018 to 2021.

As the current education policy does not provide sufficient communication support for D/HH people, our service arranges a sign interpreter and a communication assistant for every lesson. They translate instructors’ teaching, students’ questions and answers into Hong Kong Sign Language immediately in class and write down technical terms and important information. Their service helps the D/HH students learn technical skills and professional knowledge without communication barrier and reveal their talent.

SLCO Community Resources Limited (SLCO-CR) received HK$68,000 from Li Ching Deaf-and-Hearing Inclusion Fund that subsidised 493 service hours for 12 D/HH students, served by 15 sign interpreters and 18 communication assistants. Besides, the service enabled 330 hearing students and instructors in class to increase their understanding of D/HH people’s communication and education needs.

Some D/HH students shared their personal experience in Applied Learning in a video:

https://youtu.be/txtfIMsIWok (Video in Hong Kong Sign Language with Cantonese voice over and Traditional Chinese subtitles available.)


If you would like to support SLCO-CR’s work and create a community without communication barrier together, you can donate in the following ways:



About Li Ching Deaf-and-Hearing Inclusion Fund:

The Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies (CSLDS) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) established the Li Ching Deaf-and-Hearing Inclusion Fund in March 2008. The fund aims at sponsoring local deaf projects in order to promote harmony between the deaf and hearing communities. These projects include the development of deaf education, deaf research projects, career development programmes, as well as counselling services for the deaf organised by NGOs, as well as financial aid for the needy deaf children in China.

More details:http://www.cslds.org/v4/scholarships.php?id=4

Recruitment - Sign Interpreter and Communication Assistant (Fifth Round Recruitment)

(Only Chinese version is available)

【#CompassioninAction】 – SLCO-CR x DHCF x HKS

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We’re SO proud to be part of the Compassion In Action campaign!

A initiative by The D. H. Chen Foundation and Hong Kong Shifts , the campaign honors the NGO workers who are doing good deeds for our Hong Kong community particularly during the pandemic. 

Since last year, we have started the journey of being DHCF’s partner. We are delighted to learn & grow and join hands in building a compassionate society which is even more crucial in the face of adversity. Stay tuned for more compassionate stories of other NGO partners!

Come and read the story of our Sign Bilingual Teacher, Chloe, here.

Hong Kong Shifts also wrote a field trip report for our office - let's have a look here.

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